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What is switchable remap?

Wolf development team has successfully accessed and reverse engineered OEM ECU codes whereby multiple maps are implanted within the stock ECU architecture. Switchable maps allow the users to switch between multiple maps. This makes it possible for one to have the stock map along with power or economy maps. Or, one could choose between multiple maps meant for different fuels (Octane rating etc). To enable “switch” selection of maps, a combination of OEM switches/ hardware and or other inputs like throttle pedal etc are used to switch from one map to another. The customer can seamlessly switch between maps depending on driving conditions, fuel quality, motorsports etc.

How do you switch between maps? Is there is physical switch?

No extra hardware is required. We usually program under multiple accessible switches and or inputs like Throttle pedal. For some models of Maruti and Fiat, please check out the below link (Video)

Will this affect my Warranty?

Most aftermarket upgrades may void your comprehensive warranty. Remap in most cases would void warranty. However, its often seen that many dealerships/ technicians may not check or fail to identify that the ECU has been remapped. We also offer remaps that do not increment the “flash counter” for some ECU.

Will a remap damage my car?

A good remap that has been properly calibrated would not damage the vehicle. Remaps that offer significantly more power may exhibit marginally higher engine and exhaust temperature. Wolf remap will ensure that these are within the OEM safety limits except for some motorsports application like anti-lag, launch control, over-boost etc. We advise our remap customers to take very good care of their rides for better performance and increased longevity. Wolf also recommends shorter service intervals (especially Diesels) and periodic inspection for cars and motorcycles tuned for very high performance.

If remapped via OBD, will this increment the Programming counter?

A typical remap would change the remap count within the ECU. Few of our remaps has features that ensures that the counter does not reflect remap and thus remain untraceable.

How much time will it take?

A typical remap process may take anywhere from 10 mins to about 45 minutes. Non-OBD remap procedure (Bench) usually takes longer duration of time that involves physically removing the ECU to connect wires to ECU pins for remap process.

Eg. Most VW, Skoda and Audi it takes about 5 minutes. Many Maruti diesels take about 30mins.

Is it available in my location?

We are located in Kochi, Kerala. However, we travel to major cities once we have a number of confirmed enquires. Check out our fb page for the upcoming travel calendar and other updates. Wolf will soon appoint dealers in select locations.

What are the advantages of a Wolf remap ?

  • Reduced in Turbo lag
  • Better drivability
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Option for performance maps, fuel efficiency map, motorsport map
  • Map Selection as per your wish for switchable maps
  • Advanced safety strategies for boost control, Turbocharger shaft speed control, EGT management, drive train torque safety etc.

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