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Take 3 car crazy guys who were brought together by sheer luck. One of who luckily was an expert in Assembly language programming with lots of free time to read up on his passion. Add to the mix one of the world's most modified engines, the Volkswagen 1.8T in the form of Skoda VRS. The result is Wolf Performance and our unique indigenously developed solution Wolf Switchable Remap.

Rajiv, the brain behind Wolf started his ECU remap career relatively recently. All his initial work was done on a Skoda VRS (1.8t). Starting with a simple remap of the car he quickly progressed to doing complex modifications . His biggest achievement however was the ability to implement within the ECU code multiple maps that could be switched using the existing vehicle controls. This was considered a very difficult modification in the tuning industry until Rajiv made the code for this public. Since then Switch implementation is becoming common in the European market.

He does a lot a work with tuners all over the world helping them implement ‘switch’ for their maps. Working with Tuners all over Europe he has handled on the following ECU’s :: Bosch me7.1, me7.5, med9, magnetti marelli 6mjf (1.3 md), Nissan/renault 1.5 dci Delphi DDCR.

The Intellectual property of the switchable remap is owned by Wolf and has been developed completely by Rajiv. He would like to thank and give credit to the Nefmoto community (nefmoto.com) which helped him a lot during its development. Also the vast number of European and American Tuners who have helped him during the development of this solution.

What is ECU Remap?

Modifying the values stored with ECU maps or re-programming the ECU maps can be called as remap. Unlike engine adjustments that can be made by mechanics, the adjustments made by the ECU to the engines performance are made in real time as the engine is operating. Some examples of the adjustments that a typical ECU can make in real time to an engine are Engine Idle speed, Fuel air mixture ratio, Turbo boost, Turbo limiter, Ignition timing, Valve control etc.

How is ECU recoding different from remap?

Till now the ability to switch a vehicle from normal to Sport mode has been in the realm of the premium cars. The switch gives people the ability to put their cars in various modes depending on the driving condition or state of mind.

Maps are data which the ECU uses to manage the vehicle. Normally when a car is tuned, the tuner modifies the variables of the existing maps to deliver more power. He does not do any custom programming. This is termed as a remap.

However to recode the tuner needs to know the entire ECU code and when a recode is done the he modifies the ECU code itself. This means that with a recode the options available are limitless. Any new functionality can be coded including features like map switch, No lift shift, Launch control etc. The recode also allows the tuner to access functions not available to re-mappers.

Recoding is the best options for vehicles with hardware modifications since it can fully unlock the potential of your upgraded hardware. Custom coding of modified vehicles is a lengthy and complicated work.

The trigger for switching maps can be any control which is passed to the ECU. The switch can be on the fly( with engine running) or with the engine in ignition mode. It varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on what input is passed to the ECU.

I have lot of questions on the recode and switch...

Please try our FAQ section, it has answers to all the question that our customers have asked us till date. If you still have more clarifications, please contact us using the info in our contact us page and we will be happy to answer them.

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We are the only tuning company in the globe providing custom coded switchable maps for Fiat Multijet, Fiat 1.4 Tjet and Renault/Nissan dCi Engines.

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