1. What is an ECU remap ?

Modifying the values stored with ECU maps or re-programming the ECU maps can be called as remap. Maps are data which the ECU uses to manage the vehicle. Normally when a car is tuned, the tuner modifies the variables of the existing maps to deliver more power. He does not do any custom programming.

2. What is an ECU re-coding ?

To recode the tuner needs to know the entire ECU code and when a recode is done he modifies the ECU code itself. This means that with a recode the options available are limitless. Any new functionality can be coded including features like map switch, No lift shift, Launch control etc. The recode also allows the tuner to access functions not available to re-mappers.

3. What is switchable remap?

Wolf has cracked the code to multiple maps within the ECU itself. This means the vehicle stock maps are retained and the power or economy maps are added to the code. To enable the selection of maps we take control from the vehicle hardware (e.g Accelerator, Control stalks etc) and use that to switch from one map to next. Its all very technical but for the customer this means that he cans try out various modes depending on the driving condition.

4. How do you switch between maps? Is there is physical switch?

No extra hardware is required. We have programmed to switch the maps by pressing the accelerator pedal in ignition mode. For MJD, check the below link for video. http://www.teamfiat.co.in/engine-drivetrain/10836-switchable-ecu-remaps-wolf-performance-tuning-my-gp.html

5. Will this affect my Warranty?

Remapping does void your warranty if know to the manufacturer. However the Wolf remap does not increment the flash counter even if done through an ODB. Switch to the stock map when you give to service.

6. Will a remap damage my car?

Remapping is for serious drivers who can enjoy it responsibly. Excessively abusing your vehicle whether remapped or not will lead to a shorter engine lifeAuto manufactures detune their engine for higher life and more reliability. Recoding of vehicles itself does not do any damage to the vehicle. A remapped car needs more care since it has been modified to perform at its limits. A quicker service interval and periodic inspections are recommended if you drive your vehicle at its limits.

7. If remapped via OBD, will this increment the Programming counter ?

We do OBD and bench flash. We have developed the code for rolling back the counter after flashing through obd. So there will not be any increment in the flash counter.

8. How much time will this take?

For MJD this process takes 40 minutes. Thee hours for dCi and 5 minutes for Skoda.

9. Is it available in my location?

We are located in Kochi, Kerala. However we travel to major cities once we have a number of confirmed enquires. Check out our fb page for the upcoming travel calendar.

10. What are the advantages of a Wolf remap ?

  1. Reduction in Turbo lag
  2. Better drivability
  3. Increased fuel efficiency
  4. Option for mileage maps, stock and different power maps
  5. Map Selection as per your wish
  6. On the fly switch (for selected engines)

11. What are the increases for MJD after remap ?

120 BHP / 250 NM Torque for 90 hp variants
90 BHP / 235 NM Torque for 75 hp variants

12. What is the specialty of Wolf?

The main highlight and our USP is that car can have 3-4 different modes of maps for different driving conditions and it can be switched / changed whenever you wish. The ECU maps selection list include 1. Stock map 2. Linear acceleration with reduction in turbo lag at lower rpm 3. Mileage map with low power at top rpm 4. Maps for the Ghat roads. 5. Extreme powerful map for highway cruise.

13. Is this remapped on my ecu or a new one will be installed?

We flash into your existing ECU. No new ECU or hardware is used.

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