Can you remap my car?

Any car can be remapped but the bigger question is whether it’s worth the money and effort that is put into it. The best candidates for remap are cars that have turbo's, both Diesel and Petrol. This is because the biggest hurdle to increasing a vehicles power without hardware modifications is availability of air.

I have heard of naturally aspirated cars being remapped. How is that done?

Frankly we don't know how they do it. Sure a slight change of ignition timing may change the vehicle characteristics a bit (petrol) and diesels whether NA or Turbo always perform better when fuel quantity is increased. However the gains are insignificant and consequences vis-a-vis fuel quality in our country is huge. Wolf does not recommend remap of NA Petrol vehicles unless they have hardware modifications that allow for more air.

Whats so great about a Turbo?

A turbo is designed to force feed air into the engine to allow combustion of more fuel. A Turbo also means that the ECU can now control the amount of air that is fed into the engine at any given time (simplification for understanding). Manufacturers always limit the performance of Turbo to increase Engine life and reliability. This means any turbo vehicle that is remapped at the hands of a capable tuner can unleash its full potential. More air = More fuel= More power. This means increase in the range of 15 to 25 percent which is huge change in the vehicle character.

So, Can you remap my car?

Wolf specializes in Switchable remaps. It takes a lot of research and time to develop switching for a particular ECU. However normal remap can be done for any vehicle. Below is the list of cars for which we have Switchable remaps and Normal remaps. We keep adding to the list so keep watching this page or follow us on social media (fb/wolfmotoperformance) to get update on the latest

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