Linea Tjet – The story of transformation to a 150hp beast.

The TJet comes with a 1.4 Turbo Petrol engine that churns out an 112hp power and 207 nm torque.

After the success and acceptance of switchable remaps in 1.3 MultiJet engines by the Fiat fans across India, we thought we should extend our R&D to the Fiat turbo petrol as well. Till now only remaps were available for the 1.4 T Engines worldwide.

Our hunt for a used TJet started and without much searching around luckily we could get hold of a well maintained car from Malapuram, Kerala which ran just 15,000 kms. Thanks Dr. Abdul Missiah for maintaining the car in immaculate condition and FMCians Cijith and Nimish to help us connect with the car owner. Finally Wolf acquired a 2012 model Tjet on 31 May 2014, for exclusive research on switchable remaps. Driving the car we got a WoW..feeling.. such a nice enthusiastic car, awesome handling and great performance when compared to its peers. A perfect trade-off between comfort and handling.

Before procuring the Tjet itself , the process of extracting the code and analyzing started way back in Dec 2013. Thank you Mr. Rengarajan for his kindness to extend his Tjet for research. Remapping the car was as easy process, but retaining the stock and programming multi-mode selection was a tedious task. Finally after 7 months of solid research we achieved a breakthrough in the switchable remaps on Linea TJet. After rigorous testing and fine tuning the final version was rolled out by July 2014.

Details of switchable remap

The ECU: ME 7.9.10

The Process: We took the TJet ECU on bench and extracted the code. Working on the code level we
cracked the ECU code and were able to program multi-mode. The switch indication is programmed in
the Tachometer. No-lift-shift and Launch controller programs are still under testing.

The Maps :

Mode 1: Stock map
Mode 2: 140 hp/ 230 nm
Mode 3 : 150 hp/ 240 nm (Advanced timing for 93 Octane Fuel)
Mode 3 can be used only when you use the car with 93 Octane fuel. The timing in this mode is advanced
for high performance.
Check out TFI forums for the customer reviews on the remapped Tjet.
Quoting unsafe and unrealistic high BHP figures to win your business is something we do not subscribe to here at WolfMoto.



Using the car for 3 years with the Wolf switchable remap, I was seriously looking for cosmetic and stage 2 modifications for the Tjet.

By May 2017 the Tjet got the first taste of Abarth Scorpion Alloys. Upgraded the tyres to Yokohoma A drive 205, 55, 16”m initially, but found the car has trouble handling the corners at high speed. I couldn’t find any feel good factor with the A drives and after running for 4ooo kms changed the tyres to the Yokohama S drives.

Now I was thinking of a totally different transformation to the beast. The killer looks of the Scorpion Abarth Alloys and the executive looks was a mismatch somewhere. The next plan was to give a new sporty design by removing the chrome beadings.
Deepu of Redfox automobile took the project of an all new transformation and with his ideas evolved the Tjet v2.o.

Adding on the cosmetic uplift got an update on the existing map from Rajiv. That was peppy lively update and the new map with a Midas touch to the complete transformation.

The details of the new map are as follows:

Mode 0: Stock map
Mode 1: 140 hp/ 230 nm (Timing difference)
Mode 2: 145 hp/ 230 nm (Timing difference)
Mode 3 : 150 hp/ 240 nm (Advanced timing for high Octane Fuel)
Mode 3 can be used only when you use the car with high Octane fuel. The timing in this mode is advanced for high performance.
Mode 3 is altogether a different beast from the old Mode 3, the performance has drastically improved in the mid and high end with a feel of high torque punch.
Last week I managed to get a video of the test run of the Tjet with the new maps. Check the video link on Youtube.
The latest update happening on the Tjet is the Intercooler Upgrade and Turbo upgrade. The details of the upgrade project will be posted soon.

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