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Fiat Linea

Of the city, for the city is the best way to describe Fiat cars, never too shy to admit that they prefer and love to make city cars. Smart hatchbacks are what Fiat cars are all about, small turning circles, fuel efficiency and easy to park is what fiat cars are for. This hasn’t stopped them from going mental with their Abarth tuned offering such as Fiat Punto and Abarth 500, their performance version of their everyday cars.

Fiat S.p.A. which is an acronym for Fabbrica Italino Automobile Turino (which means Italian Automobile Factory of Turin) is an Italian automaker which has been manufacturing cars since as early as 1899. Fiat was formed by a group of investors which includes Giovanni Agnelli. Today Fiat is Italy’s largest car maker.

Our ECU remapping services cover Fiat Linea, Fiat Punto, and Fiat Linea Classic. The Linea Remap tuning can turn the tamed 1.3 MJD Linea car into a beast by upping the bhp to 114 bhp from 90 bhp and 90 bhp for the 75bhp variants. Punto Remap is one of the most popular services. Fiat 500 remap can boost the car’s bhp to 97 from 75. Our ECU remapping service covers all the fiat offerings.

Fiat Linea

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